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13 Days In Hell Unblocked

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13 Days In Hell Unblocked is cracked version of the game 13 Days In Hell which is full of new levels and possibilities. Imagine that you stay alone in the world and all around you are zombies and they are trying to kill you with their ax. You must alone stand against zombies. Each and every try to kill you but you must stay alive in this hell about 13 days. The deeper you pass the more difficult it become to fire with zombies because levels becomes more hard. The slogan of the game is "Beware the last souls. They will cut your head if you don't blow off theirs first". Let's talk about game itself, first of all you must wait while game will be loaded then you must create new game or load yours after this choose the difficulty easy, medium or hard. After this you can defend the earth from zombies. So day first you have only one gun and 6 bullets try to shoot in the head and kill them from one shoot because to recharge the gun you need some time and if the zombie will be near you while recharging you will be killed. While playing you will open other guns you have possibility of selection of 6 different guns. After each passed level or day you can see your accuracy, bonus points, total points and taken damage. You must use your ammunition wisely, it can run out when you most need it and you will be dead. On the second day they became stronger so they are not walking to you as at the first day, they are running and this makes more difficult to aim and shoot correctly. You can see below how points you collect and how zombie you killed, to pass one level you are given 2:25 minutes. You must stay focused, don't get distracted when they try to fool you. The more you pass the more difficult it becomes to force against them. Every day from these 13 days will make surprise for you, so take your patience and enjoy this game. 13 Days In Hell Unblocked is all you need to improve your mood, feel yourself a hero and spend your time with pleasure. Play the game 13 Days In Hell Unblocked for free at out website.

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